Are Demons Real?

With heinous acts of violence consistently occurring throughout the world and throughout human history, many people wonder: are demons real? What is responsible for all the evil in the world? Is there a cosmic battle raging in the supernatural realm between good and evil? How can seemingly normal people commit horrific acts of violence out of nowhere? Why do the national and world media insist on trivializing the supernatural realm by insinuating it is fantasy?

If you are reading this website, I am assuming you are looking for real answers. You have had a supernatural experience of some sort for your curiosity to have driven you to find these answers. Most people shrug off the reality of the supernatural simply because they have been programmed not to believe that there is anything real outside of the physical realm. They simply have not had a supernatural experience to challenge their beliefs yet. If you have had a supernatural experience (whether with good or evil), know that I BELIEVE YOU. It doesn’t matter how weird, wild, or uncanny your experiences may have been. I know that the supernatural is real, and this website was made in an attempt to share my quest for knowledge with you, to help you find the same answers that I sought. Feel free to contact me through my contact page to ask questions, share your story, or simply tell me whatever it is you want to say!

Now to answer the question: are demons real? Quite simply put, yes they are. Throughout this website you will find knowledge and evidence of the supernatural: from stories in the news revealing the reality of the supernatural to articles teaching the principles of this supernatural reality we are a part of.

If you feel like (or know) you are being tormented by demonic entities, feel free to contact me immediately. I will respond and help personally or put you in touch with understanding individuals who can help you find answers and freedom from this torment. In the meantime, feel free to browse through the website and learn about the reality of the supernatural and what answers there are for this spiritual reality!